Make Sure When You Choose Your Adventure, It Includes A Light Divided (Album)


Album review by Seraphim Dibble, images provided by A Light Divided

Among the things the digital age has brought to us is a plethora of new art. It has democratized art like never before, especially when it comes to music. Local music has seen not only a resurgence, but many bands have been able to get their music online and available to the masses. A Light Divided, a band from Winston-Salem, NC, is releasing their latest hard-rock album, Choose Your Own Adventure, on October 5th.

Much like the title of the opening song, “Make Your Luck”, A Light Divided is releasing an album that shows they’re not content to sit back and wait to become good artists. It is a thematically appropriate song to open the album about, since it is about working hard to achieve your goals, and this album can be nothing but the result of that hard work. Choose Your Own Adventure is a rocking and rolling cavalcade of good songs.

From the catchy “Fear of Heights” and heavy “Another Bar Fight in Brooklyn” to the softer “Scars of You”, every song has a unique structure and melody. The album never gets old or ages prematurely, and doesn’t need to beg the listener to keep going until the end. You’ll want to listen to the end of your own accord for this one. Choose Your Own Adventure closes on “Armor & War Paint”, an excellent song about surviving adversity.


While technology has brought the costs of recording down tremendously, it is still an expensive process. More and more bands are turning to services like Patreon and Kickstarter to sidestep the cut that record companies demand, and for this album, it worked. A Light Divided funded much of the recording process for Choose Your Adventure through Kickstarter, which allowed them to focus on the music.


And it shows. The album listens like something from a seasoned and long-running national act, and is quite the achievement. When this album releases on October 5th, it is one you’ll want to be paying attention to. Make sure you pick it up on preorder, and catch A Light Divided at a show near you!

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