Extinction Level Event brings hell with “Hellbent” (Single)

hellbent cover

Review by Savanah Ruiz, images provided by Extinction Level Event

Extinction Level Event mixes dark vibes with expressive lyrics to bring a truly heavy experience for lovers of everything progressive metal. Their new single, “Hellbent”, shows that they are ready to come back after nearly four years with a vengeance.

This single breathes metal with entombing imagery through talented songwriting and seriously heavy bass work. Lyrics like “Scour the earth and expose a desire/to feed on their weakness and grow” show their true intentions as the band shows clear progression from their earlier works. Extinction Level Event features a unique sound that they achieve through the use of three basses instead of one, and it definitely adds to the truly abrasive sound of the band.

While “The Catalyst” introduced listeners to their sound, “Hellbent” takes the sound they’ve created and elevates it to a new level of  expertise. This song also speaks to the times, as the theme of “Hellbent” is rebuilding the world and overcoming the “flood of dis-information”. The lyrics are theatrical, but have slivers of truth that listeners can relate to, making the song powerful and well done.

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Through “Hellbent”, Extinction Level Event is showing they are ready to take on the world, three basses at a time. Extinction Level Event is currently working on new music, and plan to have another release in the spring. You can listen to “Hellbent” on streaming services such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and Youtube.  You can also find them on social media @elebandofficial.

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