Local North Carolina Hardcore/Metal show at Skylark Social Club

On August 20th, Skylark Social Club hosted a show which featured a few of the many great local hardcore and metal acts that North Carolina has to offer. Starting off the night, The Unruled, a hardcore/punk band played their debut show. With fast paced songs, the room began to move immediately. One memorable moment during their set is when the band covered “Big Mouth” by Gorilla Biscuits which resulted in plenty of pileups and mic grabs. To listen to music by The Unruled, click here: theunruled.bandcamp.com

FFO: Warzone, Gorilla Biscuits, Sick of it all, Outburst, Soul to Keep

Following The Unruled was North Carolina Death Metal band Nuclear Desolation. Nuclear Desolation opened their set with “Torn”. Immediately, the room was moving from side to side. Blaine Cardwell, the vocalist, continued to hype the crowd up during each song which encouraged the fans to keep up the energy. During songs like “Misery” the crowd was quick to grab the mic to sing along. Nuclear desolation is currently working on new music. Stream their debut full length “Formless” here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3mR0mQ6KaD1uGLgPaxbu2f?si=dfPvq5r0RIyEYNyNfvsY1A&dl_branch=1 or nucleardesolation.bandcamp.com

If you want to support Nuclear Desolation, check out their merch here: nucleardesolation.bigcartel.com

 FFO: Cannibal Corpse, Power Trip, Obituary, and Dying Fetus

Following Nuclear Desolation was Chained, an aggressive hardcore band from North Carolina. The high energy from the band created an exciting set to watch. The loud and aggressive vocals from Phil Gibson and the heavy riffs from Folwell and Hicks caused the room to continuously move. Even between songs the room eagerly moved around waiting for the next song. Click here to listen to Chained: https://chainedhc.bandcamp.com/

FFO: Desolated, I AM, END, and Knocked Loose

Following Chained was the debut live set from Eyez Wide Shut. Eyez Wide Shut consists of members of Thirteenth, Flames of Betrayal, Soul to keep and Sparing. Eyez opened their set with a Dying Fetus cover. To watch the full set of Eyez Wide Shut from Skylark Social Club, Click here: https://youtu.be/nuv_AEAGHZI

Photos and Writing by Courtney Breen

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