Baroness tour stops by Charlotte’s historic Milestone Club for an intimate performance

Photos and Writing by Kenny Brown

Established in 1969 Charlotte’s Milestone Club has hosted a vast number of up-and-coming bands over the years. Savannah, GA based Baroness just happened to be one of those bands. Back in the early 2000’s the band would occasionally stop by The Milestone on their way back and forth from Georgia to Virginia, the last one being sometime around 2005. Over the next fifteen years Baroness toured the world playing major shows and festivals. In late 2021 Baroness announced a new US tour with a stop in Charlotte, coming back to their roots at The Milestone Club. Speaking personally, when that announcement was made I struggled with believing it was real. Baroness is playing a show…AT THE MILESTONE?? But it was real. And it was wonderful. Needless to say, at a 150 person capacity the show sold out almost immediately.

The night of the show I arrived a couple hours early. It didn’t take long for the parking lot to fill up and a huge line to form at the door. When the doors opened the crowd slowly and patiently worked their way in to find a spot around the stage. Shows at The Milestone always feel like a big family event, everyone hanging out enjoying themselves and enjoying spending time with each other, and this one was no different. Baroness took the stage and instantly made us feel like they were part of the family.

The first half of the set were “fan choice” songs. During the ticket buying process fans were able to vote for the songs they wanted to hear: Ogeechee Hymnal, Take My Bones Away, Jake Leg, Rays on Pinion, A Horse Called Golgotha, March to the Sea, Green Theme, Chlorine & Wine, Cocainium, Shock Me, and Eula.

After the fan choice songs, Baroness treated us to beautiful acoustic versions of Little Things and Foolsong.

The second half of the set was a wonderful variety of songs from across their discography: Can Oscura, Borderlines, Desperation Burns, Tourniquet, If I Have to Wake Up, Fugue, Seasons, The Birthing, and The Sweetest Curse, with Isak as the powerful grand finale.

Big Bands/Small Venues. I heard that term used quite a few times at and since this show. The opportunity to get up close and personal in a small intimate setting with the band’s you love is where it’s at, it’s something we need more of. Baroness and The Milestone made it happen. I can say without a doubt the 150 people who were there walked out of that show with a huge smile on their face and an almost overwhelming happiness.

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