Old Dominion Pop Up at The Underground

Photos and Writing by Allie Andrews

On Friday April 29, 2022 Old Dominion hosted a pop up concert at The Underground in Charlotte, North Carolina. This last minute pop up concert was to give some of the fans a closer and more intimate viewing of Old Dominion as well as to promote the Kenny Chesney concert they were to perform in the next day. 

Old Dominion is an American Contemporary Country band that incorporates some rock influences as well as some pop undertones. The band formed in Nashville, TN working with many different country artists along the way. 

During Friday’s concert a few hundred of Old Dominion’s closest fans enjoyed an up close and intimate concert. The band sang every one of their popular songs and incorporated some songs they had never played live before which made this such a unique experience. Old Dominion’s stage presence was electric, they truly love performing and it shows not only in their music, smiles, and performance, but it shows in how their fans know every single word to every song played. The band truly has a fun and enjoyable spirit and they are also very talented. This was such a once in a lifetime experience their fans will remember forever. 

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