Easy Honey Plays US National Whitewater Center

Photos and Writing by Jim Collins

The summer heat has been exceeding everyone’s expectations so far in 2022. Temperatures have been well above what is average for the Charlotte area. You can expect the same from the Charleston based band Easy Honey; exceeded expectations and some of the hottest sounds around. The band played a 3 hour set at the US National Whitewater Center that went by much too fast for the huge crowd that filled the island viewing area. Relaxing in chairs, laying towels and blankets, or just sitting on the grass, everyone was treated to an evening of cool music by one of the best bands that can be found on the east coast. 

Ripping through song after song from their 4 albums, the vibe was one of the best you could ask for on an afternoon like this. The daytime heat had subsided, a nice breeze was blowing, and the sounds coming from the stage were all perfection. When it comes to setting the tone and pulling you into their world, you will be hard pressed to find a band better than Easy Honey. The lineup of Darby McGlone, Selby Austin, Charlie Holt, Webster Austin, and Adam Coyne is one group of truly talented musicians and songwriters. Want some proof? Give a listen to some of their songs such as Gotta Get Back, Like Glue, Calling It Off, All In, or Moncloa to name a few. Trying to nail down a specific genre or term for their sound is not an easy task. One minute you will find yourself head banging to some powerful guitar playing, then you are whisked away on a psychedelic run, then some time travel to the early 70’s or the 90’s. It is a great experience to say the least and one that not many bands can pull off.

The crowd this night was treated to a show that had it all. Incredible musicianship, wonderful harmonies, sing-along songs, and a band that is playing at the highest level. Of course, any truly great concert would must have a guest appearance to give it that extra edge and thanks to Johnny Holliday from the band 87 Nights being available, that box could be checked as well. Johnny added his brand of harmonica virtuoso on several songs including an awesome jam session towards the end of the night. Needless to say when this show ended, Easy Honey was on the lips of everyone and had left a sweet taste on their musical palates.

So if you haven’t been to the USNWC near Charlotte for a show….GO. They regularly have performances in the summer by great bands and it is one of the best outdoor spaces you can find. And if you don’t know who Easy Honey is and haven’t heard their music, do yourself a favor and check it out. The latest album release is Peach Fuzz and it, along with their other records, is available through streaming services. Even better, purchase an album, buy some merch from their website, or catch a show if they come within traveling distance. Remember, support your local music scene!!

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