Photos and Writing by Kyle Ostrander

NYC based Super Collider played their highly-anticipated debut show this weekend at Arlene’s Grocery. Although the band hasn’t released any music yet, they packed out the venue just from their buzz alone. Noisy guitars, a thumping rhythm section, and intense vocals give the band its unique sound that falls somewhere between alternative and noise rock vibes.

The band’s vocalist makes sure their live show keeps up with the energy of their sound by bringing more stage presence than you’ll see from even the most seasoned bands. Jumping into the crowd, dancing around the pit, and bouncing all around the stage are all hallmarks of the band’s performance. Although it’s not clear when their debut album will drop, all I can say is – be ready.

Super Collider are Kitana Andrews (vocals), Justin Laul (guitar), Bevan Hurley (bass), and Rabin Valluri (drums).


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