Photos and Writing by Kenny Brown

Bringing along secret agents, dancing aliens, and lots of Spam, Puscifer continued the second leg of their Existential Reckoning tour at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte, NC. Puscifer, formed by Tool & A Perfect Circle vocalist Maynard James Keenan, is well known for their eccentric and dramatic stage productions, starting this performance with a video sequence where Keenan, in a very Max Headroom style narration, introduced us to the show and subtly reminded us of the “no cell phone” requirement with the threat of “anyone who attempts to take pictures or videos with their cell phone during the show WILL be taken away and processed into Spam”.

Referring to themselves as “The Agents of Puscifer”, each of the band members were stylishly dressed in suit and tie, taking us into a Men In Black style world. Though the show started off dark with the band members barely visible, it quickly progressed into full theatrical production as additional agents, reminiscent of The Observers from the JJ Abrams show “Fringe”, took to the stage to remove an “audience member” who was caught using their cell phone.

The theatrics continued throughout the set as Puscifer took us on an unforgettable strange and mysterious journey that had the packed audience completely entranced.


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