Photos and Writing by Allie Andrews

Sunday night Steel Panther “Got weird” at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC. They are currently touring the country for their “On the Prowl” tour. The bands that got the crowd ready to ROCK were The L.A. Maybe as Black Heart Saints. Both bands came to get the crowd hyped and ready for some heavy rock. Both bands were not only excited to perform before Steel Panther, but I had a member of both bands thank me personally for reviewing the show. They did a rockin’ job, and the audience fed off their energy the entire time. 

Steel Panther certainly gave it their heart and soul because their performance was like nothing I had ever seen. It started out with the lead singer coming out full force in a sequin silver jacket, jumping, and dancing with heavy metal and talen in his veins. It felt as if the show was a heavy metal rock concert  and a comedy show melted into one. While it is very vulgery the fans were going WILD for their every word. Not only were they hilarious on stage, they were extremely talented. At one point the lead guitarist played a guitar solo while playing the drums at THE SAME TIME! This blew the audience away. On top of all of this, they are also very fan engaging, they bring some of the audience members on stage to dance and just let loose.

All in all Steel Panther is a must see concert if you love true heavy metal, want to laugh, and want to be engaged the entire time! Blew me away and I would go to another concert in a heartbeat.





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