Photos and Writing by KriS Sims

Creed Fisher is an American country singer from New Braunfels, Texas. The first time I heard about him was back in 2021 with his viral song. Fisher’s most current album “Rebel in the South” which was released last year around late June created some more steam for his career as it pushed him into a bigger front picture of country artists to look out for. From beginning to end the whole crowd was waiting for the one and only Creed Fisher.

Creed Fisher hits right at home with true southern country music. His ability to mix country with current topics makes his songs feel even more relatable for all ages, no matter who you are, and just makes you feel right at home. His music is soulful and deep, especially when you can hear his vocals live in person. 

His lyrics in his song “Ain’t Scared To Bleed” hits home for many people with family members in service. That fear of not knowing if they’ll make it back or not and hoping they can come home soon so you can give them that big hug. It’s a feeling that doesn’t go away until their time is served and still lingers in the back of your mind.

The show started off with his opener. I was not too familiar with them before the show with it even saying that he didn’t have an opener to begin with, but when I tell you they definitely gained a new fan that night! The raw vocals and emotion they had in each song was amazing. They did not mention their name by chance which was odd because everyone wanted to know badly. They certainly set the mood for what was yet to come.

Eventually Creed and his band hit the stage and it felt as if the Daytona 500 was held right inside of the venue. The band together sounds as if you’re listening to a symphony of cold beers and Friday night lights that just work perfectly together. They put on an extraordinary performance that feels like a once in a lifetime event. I wasn’t fully aware of who Creed was before the show, but I can say with confidence he’s earned a fan! He was very open and interactive with the crowd which made him feel even more relatable as a person which is something many do not come by when seeing an artist live. This is certainly an artist I would recommend for anyone to see! Links to Creed Fishers media are here.


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