AudioVideoDisco – THE NEW EP BY REdEFIND

Interview by Audrey Wilson

REdEFIND is a nu-metal band from Greenville, SC that is signed to Godsize Records and has shared the stage with many notable acts such as Texas Hippie Coalition, Hed PE, Avatar, Butcher Babies, Bad Omens, and a lengthy list of local and regional bands. On April 21st, REdEFIND is releasing an EP titled AudioVideoDisco which will be released physically on June 2nd at their album release show at the Radio Room in Greenville SC with Den of Wolves (NC), H3ro (SC), and Mydas XXII (SC). I had the opportunity to review REdEFIND’s EP before it’s released and do chat with members Dustan Snow (drummer) and Jordan Caparell (vocalist). It has been a while since REdEFIND has released an EP, leaving fans excited and eager for what is to be released. This was super exciting for me to do as REdEFIND are good friends of mine who I have seen many times and have gotten the chance to photograph a handful of times as well. REdEFIND has mastered the nostalgic nu-metal sound with the metalcore/hardcore sounds that are trending today. 

AudioVideoDisco is seven songs tackling themes such as fake love/people, leaving legacies behind, emotional healing, fitting in, and discovering ourselves. There is also a cover of Halsey’s “I am not a woman, I am a God” which the band gave a successful twist to. While the songs are upbeat, fun, and angsty, there are heavy topics that are brought to light. Here is what Jordan and Dustan had to say about AudioVideoDisco:

A: What are some themes found on the EP and what do you hope listeners get out of it?

D: The themes that I noticed Jordan writing about are mental health, people acting one way to your face and talking shit behind your back, and hope. 

J: Mental health is a big part of this album. I feel almost every song in some aspects relate back to it. I guess what I want listeners to feel is hope. If our music can help one person out of a bad day, my job is done.

A:What is your favorite song off of the EP and why?

D: My personal favorite tends to change from day to day but I really love our songs “Outcast” and “Fake Love”. Both are really fun to play and are a bit on the odd side of our style of music.

J: “Progress” is my favorite. I have always felt like I was not good enough no matter how hard I try and even though I know I have come a long way, there are people out there who still think I am the same fuck up I was 10-15 years ago and they never see my progress. I could say their opinions don’t matter but they will always be in the back of my mind. 

Whether you like nu-metal, hardcore, metalcore, or all of the above, AudioVideoDisco will satisfy each of those preferences and give you a taste of each genre. The EP releases on all streaming platforms on April 21st, 2023 so give it a listen and let the band know what you think!

All photos by Maq Brown – Provided by REdEFIND

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