Photos and Writing by Kenny Brown

Sleeping With Sirens stopped by to perform to a sold-out crowd at The Fillmore Charlotte last Sunday. I arrived at the show a few hours early, as usual, to find fans already lined down the sidewalk waiting to get in. Doors opened a little later than scheduled, but that was okay, the weather was nice and the conversation with other fans was good. It was obvious as soon as I walked in that everyone was more than ready for this show. The barricade was already packed and the floor was thickly crowded.

Elliot Mags, a Buffalo born/LA based artist who performs by the moniker M.A.G.S., took the stage first. I wasn’t familiar with M.A.G.S., but his upbeat alt-pop sound and highly energetic stage presence made his performance enjoyable for the crowd.

Orange County post-hardcore band Dayseeker was up second. I hadn’t seen Dayseeker perform before but heard a lot of great things about them prior to the concert. Again, the crowd really seemed to enjoy their set.

Finally, Sleeping With Sirens took the stage. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing SWS many times over the years and have always enjoyed their performances. This one was no different. As usual for SWS, there weren’t any props or other stage set ups. It was just the band and their music, which seems to be all they ever need. Vocalist Kellin Quinn has always been a charismatic stage presence and even after all these years his voice still hits every note just perfectly. From the rocking opening songs, to the acoustic break mid set, to the powerful closing this was an absolutely enjoyable performance.

Sleeping With Sirens ‘The Family Tree’ tour continues throughout the U.S. through June 2 and is a must see if you have the opportunity!


  • Tally It Up: Settle the Score
  • We Like It Loud
  • Leave It All Behind
  • Kick Me
  • Family Tree
  • Talking to Myself
  • Better Off Dead
  • A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son
  • Scene Five: With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear
  • Iris (Acoustic Goo Goo Dolls Cover)
  • Bloody Knuckles
  • Crosses
  • If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn
  • Agree to Disagree


  • Do It Now Remember It Later
  • If You Can’t Hang

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