Second Death’s Substance is a Second Birth for the Band


Album review by Savanah Ruiz, pictures provided by Second Death

Second Death have showcased their resurrection as a new band with their aggressive new release, SubstanceSubstance starts with the intro track “Release”, an instrumental song that starts off with an eerie sound and progressively gets heavier, setting the stage for this EP.

This EP is their second release since killing off their previous band name, Beware the Neverending, and re-emerging as Second Death. Their previous release, Casket introduced the band’s new life as Second Death, but Substance brings the band to a new level as they continue to evolve their heavy sound.


Through this reincarnation, Second Death provides listeners with an intense and heavy experience that moshers and headbangers can blast through their sound systems and really immerse themselves in the world that Second Death has created with Substance.

This EP dives into Second Death’s dark and gritty world view with songs such as “God Money” and “Surface”, as well as the title track “Substance”, which features Ben Revell. To quote the EP, this band is “filled with hate” and it shows through this truly angry and powerful set of songs.

Substance tackles a multitude of themes such as hell, demons, inner turmoil, and really encompasses the frustration and hostility of this band. Guttural harsh vocals mixed with a heavy instrumental allow for a truly immersive listening experience that sticks in your head and leaves you craving more.


This EP really includes views that any metal core fan can relate to suck as being outcasted and considered sick because of their feelings. Through this album, you can really channel your feelings of rage and angst. This Georgia band definitely proves that “death is only the beginning” for them as they continue to show the world that they are reborn and ready to take on the metal scene.


Second Death is currently on a full US tour in support of Substance with Widownaker, Obliterate, and Skyburial. You can find them on Facebook at and check out the Substance EP on Spotify, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

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