Asking Alexandria is Asking You to Stay, And It is Worth Staying For


Album review by Savanah Ruiz, images provided by Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria has marked the return of their beloved vocalist with their self-titled LP, Asking Alexandria. This album features a different side of Asking Alexandria, but still holds the roots that made them a force to be reckoned with when they started.

Asking Alexandria is the first record to feature original vocalist Danny Worsnop since their 2013 release, From Death to Destiny, and this album clearly shows that ties within the band are stronger than ever.

“Into the Fire”, the first single off the LP, showed major promise for the record with 13 million views and counting, 2 million of which were gained within the first two weeks of its release. This track is about accepting the dark parts of yourself, and really set the tone of this reflective album.

Through this album, Asking Alexandria is putting all their cards on the table, taking on themes of loneliness, fear, and raw anger. Asking Alexandria is full of emotion, and the sincerity of the lyrics meshed with the talented instrumentals make for an LP that shows Asking Alexandria’s true and unfiltered colors.

For this record, Asking Alexandria decided to work with their close friend, Matt Good, known for his band From First To Last, and this decision proves to be a successful one from the overall sound of the album.


This record also shows a clear evolution from their 2016 release, The Black, which was the only Asking Alexandria record to feature Ukrainian vocalist Denis Stoff. While The Black featured a new sound, it lacked a certain rawness to it that instead can be found on their new LP.

Asking Alexandria has always used an array of imagery in their lyrics, and this record is no different with songs like opening track “Alone in a Room” and “Where Did It Go?”, a “tongue-in-cheek” track, as Danny Worsnop puts it, which takes aim at people trying to take Asking Alexandria’s spot in the music scene.

“Empire” features a different sound with the introduction of Bingx on the track. This song as well as “Rise Up” are all about reclaiming the Asking Alexandria name and creating something that’s better than before.


Throughout this album, it is shown that Asking Alexandria is back, stronger, and ready to solidify their spot in the alternative music scene. Asking Alexandria was on tour with Black Veil Brides for the Resurrection tour until the beginning of March and have extended the tour by adding April and May dates. Also, Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce can be seen in Sumerian film’s recent release, American SatanAsking Alexandria is available from music retailers everywhere!

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