SoulSeason Kicks Off Summer Season with Album “Beast of Mind” (Album)

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Album review by William Dibble, photos provided by SoulSeason

North Carolina is home to a burgeoning metal scene. Metal bands form and break up with rapid speed in a variety of subgenres. Some of these bands do stick around a while, though. SoulSeason has been around for some time, pushing out high-quality heavy metal into the metal scenes. They pair their excellent songs with fantastic stage presence and persistence. SoulSeason has a new album coming out titled Beast of Mind!


Beast of Mind opens with the title track and a rousing electric guitar riff. It takes only moments to get heavier and louder.”Beast of Mind” is a traditional and energetic heavy metal track that mixes melodic and screamed vocals. It is a track that is best listened to loudly and gives a promising introduction to the rest of the album. It is followed by “Ghost in the Flame”, which opens with an intense guitar-and-drum intro. “Ghost in the Flame” is heavy, fast, and intimidating. It wants to fill the room with its sound as it tears its way out of your speakers or headphones. This is a song that wants to be heard, and is willing to scream to do so. It also cements the strong opening SoulSeason has managed in this album.

Track three, “Mask of Lies”, starts off with a softer intro than the other two songs. Mind you, that softer intro is still pretty hard. This song noticeably features more melodic vocals than the other two tracks. It does tend to feel a bit lengthy before the end, but SoulSeason ends the song before it becomes truly repetitive, transitioning smoothly from one song to the next. “Exhale Yesterday” is considerably heavier and even includes a breakdown section. It is a fantastically heavy song that swings from slower to faster parts and back again without ever losing pace.

Photo by Brent Morse

“Mirror Inside” brings in a clean guitar intro that sets itself separate from the rest of the album. It features alternations of screams and soaring vocals and a diverse set of riffs. Clocking in at over five minutes long, it never feels repetitive or overly long. It is possibly one of Beast of Mind’s strongest offerings, song-wise. The album closes out with “Suffocation”. Suffocation features what is, for this album, a very unusual acoustic opening. It also features chanted vocals during the intro before launching into the main song. While “Suffocation” starts slower than the rest of the album, it is no less heavy. It features blasting drums and a stop-and-go rhythm behind vicious vocals, and doesn’t let up at all. Beast of Mind remains brutally heavy right until the last second of the album.


In such a diverse and populated metal scene, it can be hard to pick new releases to listen to. This is especially true when time and money become restrictions. If you find yourself having to pick-and-choose your listens this summer, make sure one of those is SoulSeason. The album features six distinctly different songs that are catchy and fun to listen to. Be sure to pick up this album the day it comes out so you don’t miss out!

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