Outliar’s Newest Will Have You Tasting Blood (Album)


Review by Eileen Keller, images provided by Outliar

Outliar is a thrash metal band hailing from Apex, NC. This brutal five-piece consists of vocalist Anthony Graham, lead guitarist Ray Currie, rhythm guitarist Rick Ace, bassist Cisco Rivera and drummer Adam Hancock. Their second LP, titled Taste The Blood, was released in July. All ten tracks tell a story of their own, each varying in brutality and length. “Where It Ends” and “Pillars” (the album’s respective fourth and ninth tracks) have music videos to match that brutality.

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Moving forward, Currie informed Fuel the Scene that he and Ace would be alternating on the lead and rhythm guitars. Taste The Blood is Currie’s last time as the band’s lead guitarist. The band said that 2018 would be a year of significant and positive change for them. Their previous record (which was also their debut album, Provoked To Anger) was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie King. Although the album was a solid metal performance, it left the band wanting to focus on the thrash metal sounds that influenced them more than any other genre.

That’s exactly what they did, as Taste The Blood is primarily rooted in aggressive thrash metal while continuing to showcase an influence from death metal. On the image for a physical copy of the album, one can see that there’s some brutality in the art. It’s more aggressive than the art from their previous album.

Taste The Blood, like its predecessor, was also recorded, mixed and mastered by King. Currie stated that they’re “proud of the record. It’s clearly more of our aggressive and relentless materiel that we’ve written and our fans would agree.”  It’s sure to please fans who enjoy both the classic and modern thrash metal, stylized from acts such as Testament, Death Angel, Kreator, Overkill and Exodus. If you’re into thrash metal, you should give Outliar a listen on YouTube, and grab a copy of the album, or Spotify!

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