September 4th was the night Jaggermouth, Charlotte’s local rock gem turned urban legend returned to the stage after retiring the project in mid-2018. Snug Harbor hosted the event- a fitting choice for the group considering their long history together- including their multiple residencies through the late 2010’s. The show was opened by The Walbournes and Pie Face Girls.

The Walbournes, a Charlotte-based alternative-rock group with dark, catchy lyrics and heavy guitar accompaniment kicked the show off with one of their newer singles, ‘Get Some Sleep.’ Impressively, the group stepped up to open the show only a day before- a welcome surprise to those who had never seen Charlotte’s newest up-and-coming musicians live.

Pie Face Girls kept the energy flowing with their Charlotte debut. Raleigh natives, the trio brought all of their many charms and rambunctious tunes in the Ikea bags they picked up on the car ride over. Feminist punk with a few sludgy moments, Pie Face Girls captured Snug with take-no-shit anthems such as “Tinderizer” and “Fuck You I’m Pretty.”

…And finally, enter Jaggermouth. I don’t know what Jaggermouth shows were like pre-2018 but I can describe this one in a single word: ‘chaos.’ (of the best kind, of course.) Jaggermouth pulled out all the stops for this reunion: passion, noise, and almost three years’ worth of energy. It was wildly obvious these guys missed the stage- and boy did Charlotte miss them.

Photos and writing by Sam Darwin

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