Photos and Writing by Kyle Ostrander

On November 6th, instrumental post-metal band Russian Circles performed at Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY, with support from fellow Chicago band REZN. Russian Circles treated fans to several cuts off their latest album, Gnosis, along with some fan-favorites from throughout their 15+ year career. No stranger to playing at Warsaw, the band knew exactly how to set an intense atmosphere, even without the crowd interaction or banter that most bands rely upon (Russian Circles doesn’t even bring microphones on stage). Adding to the band’s stellar sound was their epic light show, which perfectly complemented their songs with various strobes, colors, and shadows that helped set the mood for each song. Throughout the set, it felt as if bass player Brian Cook, guitarist Mike Sullivan, and drummer Dave Turncrantz had a telekinetic connection, effortlessly playing complicated riffs and never missing a beat while barely glancing at one another.

Russian Circles’ U.S. tour concludes later this month, before the band heads over to Europe in the spring.

Opening the show was REZN, who kicked off the night with a bang by bringing their unique Stoner Rock/Heavy Psych sound to the stage. The band’s 6 song set sounded heavy and incredibly tight as they ripped through cuts across their discography, including Possession, the lead single from their upcoming March 2023 album, Solace. While mostly stoic and serious on stage, one of the highlights from their set were the multiple songs featuring saxophone. The instrument fits so seamlessly into their sound it will have you wondering why every metal band doesn’t have their own sax player. “How have I never heard of these guys before?!?” murmured someone in the crowd after REZN’s set.



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