Photos and Writing by Kenny Brown

The year was 2017. I was getting myself prepared to head out to the Carolina Rebellion music festival in Charlotte, NC. A friend who wasn’t able to attend the festival told me I HAD to check out The Bronx, they were one of her favorite bands. Okay sure, I’d never heard of those guys, but my friend has great taste in music, of course I listened to her. Now it’s early afternoon, sun’s still shining bright, the festival has barely started, and the energy level of the crowd feels really low, but it’s time for The Bronx to take the stage and the crowd immediately explodes into joyous chaos as the band tears through one of the most impressive twenty minute sets I’ve ever seen.

Fast forward to October 27 2022, The Bronx is back in Charlotte, this time for a headlining show at The Underground. In the darkness of The Underground, The Bronx seemed to shine as they tore through nearly twenty pounding songs spanning their twenty year career. After recently wrapping up an extensive tour with Frank Turner, The Bronx was back out on the road in support of their newest release, Bronx VI. Albany NY based post-hardcore band Drug Church opened up the show with an aggressive high energy set that had the crowd well fired up for the headliner.



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