Photos and Writing by Kyle Ostrander

To celebrate the release of their new album Lobes, We Are Scientists took the stage at a packed and intimate Brooklyn, NY show last week. The room at Brooklyn Made was filled with excitement and anticipation as fans eagerly awaited hearing songs from the new album live for the first time. The band quickly delivered by kicking off with “Lucky Just To Be Here”, a pounding synth soaked track off Lobes. Throughout the night, the band played a total of 6 cuts from the new release. Make no mistake though, the 20 song set covered almost every era of the band’s nearly 20 year career. Tracks like “This Scene Is Dead”, “Rules Don’t Stop”, “Buckle”, and “I Cut My Own Hair” had the entire room singing and jumping along. Almost as entertaining as the band’s music was the famous stage banter between singer/guitarist Keith Murray and bassist Chris Cain, which all We Are Scientists fans have come to expect at any show. Topics such as learning Italian, modern New York slang, and jokes about math were all included in the between-song banter.

The band is set to embark on a nearly 2 month long European tour starting next month.

Setlist: Lucky Just To Be here ; This Scene Is Dead ; Contact High ; Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt ; Operator Error ; Rules Don’t Stop ; Settled Accounts ; You’ve Lost Your Shit ; Inaction ; I Cut My Own Hair ; Turn It Up ; Textbook ; Human Resources ; Buckle ; Your Light Has Changed ; The Great Escape ; After Hours

Encore: Less From You ; Dinosaurs ; Too Late


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