Interview with Billy Hamilton of Silverstein at Warped Tour ’17

Rei: Alright, Warped Tour. Rei Haycraft with Silverstein. Billy: Hey, I'm Billy from Silverstein. I play the bass and yell sometimes. Make some sounds with my mouth. Rei: How has your Warped been thus far? Billy: Sufficiently warped. Yeah, you know, it's our seventh or eighth year on the tour. It's been very hot. I think... Continue Reading →

Codex Obscura – Miira review

Review written by William Dibble Art, by definition, is an intensely personal creation. It is a direct channel into the mind of its creator, and deathcore is no exception (we erroneously referred to Codex Obscura as death metal in a prior review). Miira is a self-recorded, self-mixed, self-produced album by one person, which makes its... Continue Reading →

Forthteller – Nihilist review

Written by William Dibble The genre of technical metalcore is booming. Within the last five to ten years, numerous new bands have hit the scene, each bringing a bit of a different take on the genre. Forthteller’s EP, Nihilist, released on July 7th of this year. Relatively new to the scene, they brought out an... Continue Reading →

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